Reiki for pets


What is reiki?


The definition of reiki as given by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/National Intstitute of Health: “A therapy in which practitioners seek to transmit a universal energy to a person, either from a distance or by placing their hands on or near the person (or pet).” Reiki is healing energy.

Why and how does it work? When we treat dogs (and other animals, as well as people) through distant reiki treatment, it’s like sending radio waves (or signals). Distant healing is a process of using energy (universal energy) for healing living beings remotely. The healer acts as a conduit for the flow of energy and it is possible to transmit this energy given over any distance. That is why we can send reiki to anywhere in the world.

Distance reiki is sending you (or your pet) life force energy that has healing properties within it. So not only is your gas tank filled, you are also getting a “conditioning” treatment for your entire system (physical, emotional, and mental well being). A treatment feels like an energy radiance that flows through and around you. You treat the whole person…body, emotions, mind, and spirit, giving you a feeling of relaxation and peace.

When we are not feeling well, be it emotionally, physically, mentally (or all three), our life force energy is drained and running at a low level. It’s like being “running on empty” or nearly empty on your gas tank. You are sluggish and not running at your optimal potential. So reiki is like jump-starting a car. When the car’s battery can’t quite provide enough energy to start the car, we attach jumper cables from another battery to add more energy. Reiki is a means of adding more energy to our “life force” battery to help “jump-start” the healing process.

This process does not exhaust the practitioner, because the practitioner is trained to channel energy from the outside environment, not from his or her own personal “battery.” Practiced in this manner, the energy available is virtually limitless. The amount of energy transferred depends on the client’s ability to use it and willingness to receive it. When no more energy can be used, the transfer ceases to occur.

Why your dog? If your dog has pain, anxiety, hip dysplasia, other joint pain, reiki can help. If your dog barks too much, digs in the yard, reiki can help with behavioral issues too! With distance reiki the animal is not disturbed in its home or wherever he or she feels comfortable. They usually just go to sleep. It’s like when we get a great massage, we drift off. The animal sleeps and the energy flows where it needs to go. If it’s a physical healing, the reiki will go there. If it’s a mental healing, the reiki will heal the ailment.