What sex should my second dog be for them both to get along?


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We have a male dog and are planning on adopting a new puppy. Obviously, we want them both to get along. Do males tend to get along better with other males, or would a female puppy be a better choice?


How you socialize your new pet applies to all breeds and sexes of dogs. If you bring a new puppy into the household, there must be supervised introductions, as well as letting the youngest know who ruled the roost before they arrived. Most puppies are very submissive and will follow the lead of the older, established dog. Be careful not to shower the pup with too much affection at the cost of the older dog or the long-time resident may act out with undesirable behavior like chewing or “marking” the house.

I have owned many males and females together, but my personal favorite is to own one male and one female. Having one of each sex seems to complement each other. Many times bitches don’t get along or dogs don’t get along and then again sometimes they do. But in my observations the one of each pairing seems to create the most harmony.