How Can I Help Prevent My Dog From Getting Car Sick?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)


How can I keep my dog from getting car sick?


It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience motion sickness, particularly young dogs or dogs who haven’t traveled before. The best way to prevent it is to accustom a young dog to travel in a positive way. Many instances of motion sickness are related to anxiety about being in a car. Remember, dogs don’t know what a car is and must be taught that it’s a good thing.

Introduce your dog to the car with short, positive encounters before even turning it on or taking your dog for a ride. Work with lots of praise and treats, and never go beyond your dog’s comfort zone; slow, positive steps will help your dog enjoy his rides and reduce chances of becoming sick. And to ensure that he makes a positive association with the car, rides should often end at the park, the beach, or his favorite place to go for a walk. (You may also want to consult a good trainer who uses only positive methods.)

When they ride in cars, dogs should be protected, either in a crate that’s safely attached to the vehicle or with a seat belt specifically designed for dogs. Once again, be sure your dog’s comfortable in the crate or wearing the seat belt before expecting him to ride happily. If your dog still gets car sick, medications from your vet may help calm his stomach.