Todd Jacobs

    Kelly Osbourne Mourns The Loss Of Her Beloved Dog Polly

    Kelly Osbourne announced in an emotional Instagram post that her beloved Pomeranian dog, Polly, has passed away due to a pulmonary heart defect. Following the announcement on Instagram, Osbourne received a wave of support from friends and fans who expressed their sympathies.

    by Todd Jacobs
    16 Hours Ago

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Vetoes Bill To Protect Dogs From Animal Cruelty

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed 20 bills, including one to protect dogs from neglect and abuse. The proposed Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, “would have made it illegal to chain up dogs and leave them without drinkable water, adequate shade or shelter.” The bill also called for the ban of “tethering dogs with heavy chains.”

    by Todd Jacobs
    June 23rd
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