Dog Games: Fun Ways To Play With Your Dog

    Dogs like to play differently, depending on their breed, age, and of course, their individual personality. Just because your dog hasn’t responded to any of your dog games in the past doesn’t mean they won’t ever play. It just means you haven’t found the right game for your pup yet.

    by Dogtime
    June 17th

    Flood Preparedness And Safety Tips for Dog Owners

    Anyone who has watched a flash flood wash away a house in minutes knows the destructive power of these natural disasters. Flooding can be a very frightening time for people and their dogs, but there are thankfully many ways to prepare for this weather event.

    by Jackie Shelton, Owner of Top Dog Vitamins
    June 17th

    Happy Father’s Day: 19 Proud Pooch Papas & Their Pups [PICTURES]

    Father’s Day is June 16th in 2019, and we at DogTime want to send out a special “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dog dads out there! We love our proud pooch papas and all they do for their dogs all year long. So on this special day, join us in honoring the guys who take good care of their pups.

    by Dogtime
    June 14th

    20 Photos Of Celebrity Dog Dads For Father’s Day [PICTURES]

    Father’s Day is June 16th this year, and we want to say happy Father’s Day to all the dog dads out there. Every dog dad deserves to be treated like a celebrity for a day. Do something special for the doggy daddy in your life and celebrate with these 20 celebrity dog dads for Father’s Day!

    by Dogtime
    June 14th

    Tornado Preparedness And Safety Tips For Dog Owners

    Tornadoes are one of the most destructive storms that households have to manage. It is not surprising that pets find this type of storm particularly stressful to experience. Here are a few things you should know about creating a tornado preparedness plan that includes your dog.

    by Jackie Shelton, Owner of Top Dog Vitamins
    June 11th

    10 Secrets To Having A Happy Dog

    One of our main concerns as pet parents is keeping our furry family members happy. However, it’s not always obvious what pleases our pooches. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to keep your dog happy that might help.

    by Dogtime
    June 3rd

    Canine Car Sickness: What To Do About It

    What if your dog suddenly doesn’t feel right during or after a car ride? Dog motion sickness is real, and it can happen even during the shortest car rides. Preventing canine car sickness, and even treating it, can help make that trip to the dog park or anywhere else a lot more pleasant.

    by DogTime
    May 24th

    Dog Beds: Everything You Need To Know

    Dog beds can be simple or fancy, expensive or homemade, and everything in between. How do you pick the right dog bed for your pup when there are so many on the market? Does your pooch even need a dog bed? Here’s a guide to answer your questions!

    by Dogtime
    May 17th

    Dog Names Inspired By The 1980 Film ‘Flash Gordon’

    You’re a new dog parent, and you really want to give your pooch a name as fitting as Ming the Merciless. Well, here’s a list of some really powerful names that just may be well suited for the soon-to-be ruler of your world. Here are the best dog names inspired by Flash Gordon!

    by Dogtime
    May 13th

    10 Best Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds For Families

    Adopting a dog is like choosing a brand new family member. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, and when there are kids involved, the decision is even more important. Here are a few things you should look for, along with ten naturally kid-friendly dog breeds.

    by Alexandra Cannon
    April 30th

    Jump Roping Dogs And Other Things We Saw At Global Pet Expo 2019!

    DogTime got a chance to visit the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, and as you can see from the jump roping dog, we saw some pretty cool stuff! Rescue workers, shelters, veterinarians, authors, artists, inventors, and major pet food companies shared a space to connect.

    by Dogtime
    April 19th

    5 Eco-friendly Pet Stain Removers For Accidents

    Lots of cleaners have¬†harsh solvents, fragrances, and chemicals that aren’t great for the planet–and often, not good for us or our dogs. However, there are non-toxic, eco-friendly options that are easier on the environment and safe for your home and pups.

    by Dogtime
    April 15th

    5 Fun Dog Activities For A Rainy Day

    Now that spring is here and April is bringing its showers, your pup could probably use some fun indoor activities to fight the boredom. Fortunately, there a few things you can do inside on a rainy day that may keep your dog mentally and physically in shape!

    by Dogtime
    April 8th

    12 Woof-Worthy Easter Basket Stuffers For Dogs

    It’s Easter season again, and every good dog deserves a visit from the Easter Bunny and a basket full of presents! There are plenty of treats, toys, apparel items, and supplies that are perfect for the holiday and will have your dog hopping for joy.

    by Dogtime
    April 2nd
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