Miraculous Transformation: Passerby Could Not Ignore Stray Dog Covered In Mange


(Photo Credit: Reshareworthy)

Cars were coming and going but no one seemed to pay any attention to the emaciated creature on the side of the road. She was sniffing around for anything that could pass for a scrap of food. Until two good Samaritans felt the need to help.

They pulled their car over and said that in spite of the gaping wounds all over the dog’s body and lack of fur from advanced mange, that she was alert and friendly when approached.

rescue-dog-mange-2(Photo Credit: Reshareworthy)

They named her Kelsey, then took her straight to the vet to begin treatment for parasites and bacterial infections. She never fought. They said it was if she knew she was in good hands and was going to be taken care of. She now had people that loved her and people that would care for her.

It did not take long in her healing process before she was smiling and socializing with other dogs. In time, her fur grew in and she no longer resembled the furless canine on the side of the road that was scrounging for food.


(Photo Credit: Reshareworthy)

A street dog that knew extreme poverty first hand, now has a family who loves her. Thanks to two people that felt inspired to stop, take action, and help. Kelsey now has a bed, a home, and a family that loves her.

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To see more images of Kelsey’s rescue visit: Reshareworthy

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