National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month: 10 Heartwarming Stories Of Adoption

Even though October is primarily known for being all about Halloween, there is another important event that should be recognized. October is officially National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

If you are thinking that it’s the right time for you to get a dog, your first priority should always be adopting from a shelter. So many rescue dogs are waiting for their forever homes in shelters, with new dogs arriving every single day. Adopting a shelter dog is not only a rewarding experience because you are gaining a new best friend, but because you are truly saving a dog’s life. Adopting a shelter dog is an experience you will never forget and will genuinely change the lives of both you and your dog for the better. Here are ten heartwarming stories of adopting shelter dogs that will hopefully inspire you to do the same.

1. Bringing Justice Home

In the fall of 2015, Justice was looking for a forever home. She was three years old and already had given birth to puppies, so she was having a hard time. That’s when her new owner came to the rescue. She found Justice on and knew immediately this was the dog for her. Justice was flown from San Antonio, Texas to Portland, Oregon because that’s how badly her new owner wanted her. She has gone on to document her and Justice’s experiences together since her adoption over six months, and it shows just how loving and sweet Justice is. There is no doubt Justice is grateful that she now has a home where she knows she is extremely loved. This kind of story is why people adopt.

2. Chained Up Dog Gets Forever Home

Cha-Cha, a four-year-old Pit Bull, was found chained to a garage with her mother. Chained Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that helps free chained up dogs, found that Cha-Cha and her mother were chained to the garage twenty-four-seven. After they were rescued, Cha-Cha’s mom was eventually adopted, but Cha-Cha was still waiting and waiting. After an entire year, it seemed like there was no hope, but that’s when Emilee saw Cha-Cha on Facebook. Watch the vlog above to see the emotional journey of Emilee as she finally adopted Cha-Cha.

3. Adopting A Doberman With No Ears

Ava had always wanted a dog in her life, and that’s why finding Siggy the Doberman was perfect timing. Siggy was adopted from a Doberman rescue and is the perfect match for Ava. It is believed that Siggy has no ears due to them being cropped for dog fighting. He also has scars all over his body, signs that he was abused continually over a long period of time. Thankfully Ava found Siggy just in time and fell in love with his calm and gentle demeanor. Siggy and Ava are sure to be friends for life.

4. Emaciated Stray Dog Gets Adopted

Sable was found on the streets all alone and emaciated. She was hungry, scared, and needed help. Thankfully she was found and brought to the Humane Society of the North Bay in Vallejo, California. After being nursed back to health, Sable waited and waited in the shelter, hoping someone would be willing to give her a forever home. That’s when Dalaney came to the rescue. She saw Sable and immediately fell in love. She adopted her on April 3, 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Sable is loved immensely and now has both human and fellow animal friends. Even though she can’t speak, it is obvious how grateful Sable is to her new family after all she’s been through.

5. Dog Found In Abandoned House Finds Forever Home

Alyssa, herself, is adopted, so she understands the importance of adoption. She had been looking for a puppy to add to her family of dog and cat adoptees. Lincoln, a Labrador mix, was originally found in an abandoned house with his litter. He was about five months old and never had any interaction with humans when he was found. They weren’t sure how interactive he would be due to his situation, and initially Lincoln was terrified of Alyssa. But Alyssa didn’t give up because being adopted herself, she knew that eventually she could make a connection with Lincoln. Now Lincoln is very happy and is beginning to adjust to his new family. He is proof you should never give up on adopted dogs.

6. Injured Dog Finds The Perfect Parent

Riley the Labrador was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. There had been over thirty dogs squeezed into one tiny trailer. They sent her to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts and it was found that Riley needed a bilateral hip if she was going to live normally. After lots of therapy, Riley started to heal, but she still needed a forever home. She was being fostered by a volunteer named Celia. Celia soon realized she didn’t just want to foster Riley, but she wanted to adopt her. Even after everything, Riley has such a loving personality that there was no way of resisting her charm.

7. From A Cage To A Forever Home

Chico is an English Cocker Spaniel who was abused on a puppy mill farm. She was in a shelter, but because of her history she was scared, anxious, closed off, and was even sent back twice. But with a little persistence and love, Chico learned to love again thanks to Sandy. Sandy didn’t give up on Chico. She heard about his story and knew she couldn’t let him go. At the beginning Chico needed space, but over time he warmed up and became the happy dog he was meant to be. This is a story that shows how important it is to not give up on shelter dogs because they can turn out to be amazing pets.

8. Abused Puppy Mill Dog Saved

Coconut was found trapped at a puppy mill. She had been abused, neglected, and malnourished. Thankfully the ASPCA rescued Coconut from the mill, but then came the next step. Coconut was traumatized from her experiences, so they had to re-train her how to walk on a leash without being scared, how to interact with other pups, and how to love. After just six weeks Coconut had become another dog–a dog actually happy to see people. After everything, Coconut now has a loving home where she knows she will always be loved for the rest of her life.

9. German Shepherd Saved From Kill Shelter

Eva the German Shepherd’s first family did not take care of her properly and never made any time for her. They ended up dumping her at a high kill shelter. There was little to no expectancy she would survive. Luckily, the German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles stepped in before it was too late. Felicia saw Eva at the rescue and knew they had a connection. Eva realized that this family was much different–one where she was actually loved and cared for, one where she could be confident and secure and could even play with toys like a normal dog. While her story might have started off rough, Eva now has home where she will be forever loved.

10. Frightened Matted Dog Learns To Love

Skipper was found with so much matted hair that you couldn’t even see his face. He was unfamiliar with how to play with a toy, how to interact with humans, and how to just be a normal dog. After two months of rehabilitation with Best Friends Animal Society, Skipper became a whole new dog. You wouldn’t even know what he had been through. Lots of playing showed his true, bubbly personality. After seeing Skipper, his owner fell in love with him immediately and knew they would be the perfect match. Now, Skipper has a beautiful home where he loves to play, cuddle, and love. He finally has the chance to live the life of a normal happy dog.

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