Abandoned On The Side Of The Road With The Worst Case Of Mange They Had Seen [BEFORE & AFTER]

Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue of a sick dog as he was curled up on the side of the road. The stray was very ill and time was of the essence to get him medical help. They could not take a chance with the possibility of a long drawn out rescue if he decided to run so they used a net. The capture was swift and they were now able to get the sick pooch medical care.

Weak and in so much pain, he spent the first several days just as he had on the side of the road, curled up. He was so frail and his skin so raw that he winced every time the workers applied medicine. Like most ill dogs, he just need time to recuperate. After ten days his skin was completely healed. Two months later and you would not recognize him as the same dog. His life is completely transformed. All he needs now is a family to love and to love him back. 

Thank you for the beautiful story Animal Aid Unlimited.

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