Fearful Romanian Street Dog Gets New Life In Canada

In Romania, an abandoned Terrier had taken up residency in an office parking lot. She was living off scraps of food given to her by employees, but she would not let anyone come near her.

Local rescue Howl of a Dog, heard about the displaced pooch, and stepped in to help. She had eluded dog catchers in the past and was left traumatized and terrified of catch poles.  

Under the supervision of a veterinarian, they used tranquilizers to calm her and were finally able to gain her trust. She had a flea infestation and wounds from excessive scratching. She was treated for all the ailments that come with life on the streets and then moved in with a foster.

She was named Zuzi, and even though she was off the street she still needed socialization. She had a sweet foster pad, her own food and water bowl, and a monogrammed bed, but none of that could compare to what was coming.

(Photo Credit: Howl of a Dog Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Howl of a Dog Facebook)

About a month later, she found a permanent home! Zuzi now resides in a loving home in Canada! She loves taking walks and going shopping for new toys. They said as soon as she got to her new home she felt quite comfortable and made herself feel right at home.

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