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Rachel Friedman

Rachel Friedman

  • Cleveland, OH
Profession: Trainer


Rachel Friedman has worked with both people and animals for more than 25 years. She has a B.A. in Social Sciences from The University of Michigan and a Master's Degree in Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania and is an independently licensed social worker (LISW) in Ohio. Rachel worked for many years in early childhood development/in-home parenting and emergency mental health/crisis intervention work in both Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Combining her passion for and long experience in working with animals with her extensive social work training and work experience, Rachel became a full time dog trainer in 1999 and founded her company, A Better Pet LLC. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to help clients learn how best to teach their dogs, and thus how best to create a harmonious household.

Her commitment to providing the best training possible for service and therapy dogs resulted in the design of the Har-Vest, the first and only combined no pull harness and vest/backpack for working and companion dogs.Har-Vest as well as other selected products -- toys, chewies, food and equipment -- are also available through A Better Pet LLC.

Rachel lives in Cleveland Heights with her three daughters and an eclectic menagerie of pets.

In addition to pet and service dog training, Rachel is increasing her work in teaching others the skills and experience she has shaped into practical service delivery through telecourses (www.raisingcanine.com) and planned lectures both locally, regionally and nationally. To learn more about the various topics Rachel is presenting or planning to present in the future, please contact her directly at rachel@abetterpet.com.

What I like about my dog

Laboratory experiments that endlessly enchant and amuse.

What my dog likes best about me

Dogs love being "crash test dummies" and testing all the stuff I acquire for my dog clients and their peeps.

People I've met through my dog

Since my career is in dogs, that's hard to say!

If I didn't have a dog, I'd like a...

Hard to imagine...

expert *questions answered*

animal friends



  • All American and Canadian flavoring
  • 15 years (107 dog years)
  • Waves goodbye and bonks other dogs on head with paw when asked.
  • Dives under the ottoman to sleep and she's too big to fit under it.
  • She exuded a sense of zen calm that I couldn't resist.
  • Lily is a true queen and exudes a sense of calm and confidence that helps all the others -- kids, dogs, cats and adult -- feel protected, safe and amused.


  • English Springer Spaniel
  • 11 years (82 dog years)
  • Beanie Baby
  • Hugs on cue
  • Sometimes will stare at you for long periods of time where it appears there is no real thought going on.
  • I wanted a calm, thoughty dog to help represent my training in public settings.
  • Bean is a loyal and true companion and helper. He's not the sharpest pencil in the pack, but he is loving and fun and always up for any adventure thrown his way. He LOVES to be the center of attention but is never overbearing.


  • Jack Russell Terrier (Parson Russell Terrier)
  • 13 years (94 dog years)
  • Yo, Dude.
  • OMG, he has so many!
  • Wanted a lot of dog in a little package.
  • Trip has expanded into several modeling/acting jobs this year. Here's his most recent: http://www.buildamovement.com/CURFL/index.htm


  • English Springer Spaniel
  • ( dog years)
  • Serendipity and to keep me grounded in my studies.
  • Teisha left for the rainbow bridge in 1995 but I credit her as the inspiration and muse who got me to where I am today. Without the nearly 14 years of her patient guidance in better understanding the nature of dogs, I would still be a "normal" social worker!
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