Jamie Wolf

Jamie Wolf
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Jamie Wolf, a lifelong animal lover and animal advocate, uses her decade of experience to educate, inspire, and consult on most topics, animal related. She has volunteered and managed in animal shelters and rescue groups, and created a successful, privately owned, high-end, dog day care center in 2002 in Boca Raton, Florida.  PetLover Central welcomes 100 dogs each day and still flourishes today.

Wolf shares her belief that animals -- dogs in particular -- are intrinsically peaceful and good, and can be rehabilitated with work and love.  She most recently began building her very own animal sanctuary where dogs who have no where else to turn can spend their lives living in communal, social environments in the mountains of Colorado.  She lives there with her husband and her many rescued animals, sharing her time between southern Florida and Boulder, Colorado.

Wolf promotes health in our companion animals, offering holistic pet food and treats for the past 9 years, and believes that good nutrition is largely responsible for her rehabilitative care in the animals she rescues and in her own pets. She receives her continuing education in animal nutrition from Dr. Jane Bicks, a nationally recognized holistic veterinarian, author, formulator, and pioneer in holistic treatment for companion animals.   

Wolf has hosted many animal related local and national TV shows promoting adoption, respect for animals, and animal care, including television news coverage for the disaster rescue work she has been involved in. She has been featured in many magazines on the topic of animal care in a fun and appealing format. For more information, go to her websites: www.RescueRehabHome.org ,  www.HealthyDogsUSA.com, www.PetLoverCentral.com.

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