WIL Makes Blankets For Homeless Dogs And Cats, And You Can, Too!

(Photo Credit: Wrapped In Love Facebook)

If you’re an expert with a needle and thread, a beginner just wrapping your head around knit-one-purl-two, or just someone who has some spare fabric scraps or blankets, it’s time to put all of that to good use. Wrapped In Love (WIL) is a group of people who make and donate blankets to dog and cat rescue programs so every homeless pup and kitty has a comfort item to play with or keep them warm.

(Photo Credit: Wrapped In Love Facebook)

They’re a non-profit group that coordinates donations to one rescue at a time, so everything stays organized, and they can target the efforts of their group members. If you’re interested in using your crafting skills to make a blanket or toy for a furry friend in need, you should check out their Facebook page where you can find people who are sharing their creations, instructions and patterns, and photos. They’ll also let you know which rescue your blankets will be going to and provide you with donation forms and instructions. And if nothing else, you can see some adorable pictures of pooches snuggling up with their new blankies.

(Photo Credit: Wrapped In Love Facebook)

WIL doesn’t do any fundraising or accept any monetary donations. They are simply looking for people of all skill levels who want to share their talent for sewing, crocheting, knitting, or quilting for a good cause. Animals don’t mind if its your first attempt at stitching something, they just know they have something warm and soft made by someone who cares.

Like Wrapped In Love on Facebook and give them some love, get involved, make a difference! Once you join the Facebook group you will find out how you can find out where to send the blankets and toys to help these animals.

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