Todd and Champ from New York


Human: Todd

Canine: Champ

Location: New York

Type: Shetland Sheepdog

Our Story:

I was riding an elevator at work and overheard two ladies talking about how there was only 1 puppy left for adoption from a litter. The litter was rescued from a puppy mill that was exposed and then shut down in Brooklyn. I asked “what kind of dog?” she said “sheep dog“. So I thought, why not at least take a look.

My friend and I took the subway to the farthest point in Brooklyn, nearly 2 hours away; it was perhaps the coldest day of the year. But it was worth the trip. The second I saw that little puppy, I knew he was a champion so I named him Champ.

Champ was so tiny and cold, I had to keep him in my inside pocket of my down parka in the cab to keep warm.

He’s been my constant companion ever since.

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