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  • Exercise For Puppies?

    Exercise For Puppies?

    I know jogging isn't a good idea — what exercises are appropriate for my pup until she's full grown?

  • How Much Training Is Too Much Training For Your Dog?

    How Much Training Is Too Much Training For Your Dog?

    There are several circumstances where over-training your dog can be harmful and even undo all the hard work you and your pup have put in.

  • Dog games

    Dog games

    Does your dog like to dig? Is he a couch potato? Or will he chase anything that moves? Chances are we've got the perfect game for him in our guide that's loaded with suggestions.

  • Dog obesity

    Dog obesity

    Helping your hound shed pounds

  • Entertainment tips for dogs

    Entertainment tips for dogs

    Question: My dog seems to enjoy having "tasks" to complete — is there a way to keep smart dogs entertained? Answer: Dogs don’t need to be “entertained” generally. They do need stimulation and activity, as do almost all living things. They don’t necessarily need play groups, expensive toys, or gourmet bakery treats. Nor do they […]

  • New Years Resolutions for Your Pet Part 2- Commit to Daily Exercise

    New Years Resolutions for Your Pet Part 2- Commit to Daily Exercise

    Happy Near Year! Have you and your pet been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

  • Pets and People Can Keep Fit Together

    Pets and People Can Keep Fit Together

    As autumn gets underway, your family has probably settled into its back-to-school and back-to-business-as-usual routine. But how is your pet adjusting to the post-summer routine?

  • Exercise for older dogs?

    Exercise for older dogs?

    What sort of outings are appropriate for older dogs?

  • Dogs’ exercise needs

    Dogs’ exercise needs

    Question: How do I know if my dog is getting enough exercise? Answer: Breed and age are the two big factors to take into consideration when determining how much exercise your dog should get. Adult dogs (between one and six years of age) naturally require more exercise than older dogs, and working, sporting, herding, and […]

  • Keeping Fido fit

    Keeping Fido fit

    Diet, exercise, and weight management

  • Games for couch potatoes

    Games for couch potatoes

    The couch potato Gives you a “Do we have to?” look when you try to take him for a run Settles right down after a leisurely stroll around the block Top activities: Walking — long leisurely ones or multiple short ones. Even couch potatoes need exercise Accompanying you on errands around town, or hanging out […]

  • Games for athletic dogs

    Games for athletic dogs

    The Jock Plays a vigorous tug of war with you, and is then ready to sprint to the dog park Is always frisking around, and sniffing out new scents and experiences May come from a breed that was developed to do a high-energy job, such as hunting or herding Top activities: Agility combines obedience with […]

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