Neutering your male

  • Neutering Your Male Dog

    Neutering Your Male Dog

    Everything you need to know about getting your boy dog or puppy fixed! (And then some!)

  • Treating cryptorchidism?

    Treating cryptorchidism?

    Question: What is cryptorchidism and how is it treated? Answer: A cryptorchid has one or both testicles inside the belly or under the skin, instead of migrating or descending into their scrotum (or sac). This condition is not uncommon in dogs, and rare in cats. Small dog breeds have a three-time time higher risk than […]

  • Is spaying/neutering painful?

    Is spaying/neutering painful?

    Is the spay or neuter operation painful?

  • Spaying or neutering your dog

    Spaying or neutering your dog

    Many people think of their dog as a member of their family, a companion and a friend.