Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

  • Puppy Feeding Tips

    Puppy Feeding Tips

    Feeding puppies is different than feeding dogs. Give your puppy a great start in life by feeding your baby the right amounts of the right kinds of food.

  • Hip Dysplasia And Acupuncture For Dogs

    Hip Dysplasia And Acupuncture For Dogs

    My dog suffers from hip dysplasia. Will acupuncture help her?

  • Hip dysplasia in dogs

    Hip dysplasia in dogs

    There may be few more joyous sights than a dog running free, unable to stop as the thrill of tearing around a yard overtakes him. It’s this joy that hip dysplasia robs from our dogs, and from us as we watch them age and struggle with their own limitations. Hip dysplasia is the leading cause […]

  • Dogs’ hip dysplasia

    Dogs’ hip dysplasia

    Question: Hip dysplasia–is surgery the best option? Answer: Treatment of hip dysplasia and the resulting arthritis may consist of surgery, weight management, medications, or a combination. Young dogs (typically less than a year of age) with a hip dysplasia diagnosis, but no signs of arthritis on x-rays, may benefit from surgery to correct the underlying […]

  • Dog Arthritis

    Dog Arthritis

    How to ease the aches