Dunbar Housetraining

  • Introducing Dog To Crate

    Introducing Dog To Crate

    Crate training teaches your pup how to "hold it;" the crate is an effective tool that lets you predict when your pooch needs to go, so you can guide him to the correct spot.

  • Start House Training

    Start House Training

    Video: To successfully housetrain your dog, you must predict when he needs to go, get him outside in time, and then reward him for doing the right thing in the correct location.

  • Housetraining


    Most puppies do not have full bladder or bowel control until they’re around six months old. A good rule of thumb is to expect a puppy to hold it for about as many hours as his age in months. In other words, a two-month-old pup can hold it for two hours in a crate, a […]