Driving With Dogs

  • Dog car sickness

    Dog car sickness

    The promise of a ride in the car can be a joyous prospect or one filled with fear and dread for your dog. Learn the symptoms and how treat dog car sickness.

  • Driving with dogs

    Driving with dogs

    For most dogs, car rides are paradise! Make the journey pleasant for both driver and passenger by checking-out our Driving With Dogs list of supplies and tips.

  • The best car for dogs: A dog’s view

    The best car for dogs: A dog’s view

    The Pick of the Litter, on the Lot

  • The Grand Canyon with Fido in tow

    The Grand Canyon with Fido in tow

    by Claudine J. Randazzo of FIDO Friendly Magazine Stalwart RVers are always keeping their ears open for the next “best-kept secret” location, especially those who travel with their four-pawed companions. The Railside RV Ranch definitely qualifies as one of the best-kept secrets of the West. Located in Williams, Arizona, this RV resort is 60 miles […]

  • Road warrior survival guide

    Road warrior survival guide

    What to pack before you go

  • Thanksgiving roads and Fido

    Thanksgiving roads and Fido

    Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. No doubt, millions will trek to the abodes of family and friends as the holiday season approaches. Just how many are traveling with Fido this holiday season? PetRelocation.com released recently the results of its first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey of more than […]

  • Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Moving pets within the U.S.?

    Question: My dog and I are going to be moving from New York to Los Angeles. What is required for all live animals crossing state lines? Answer: The requirements for moving domestically are fairly simple. The following are regulations for pets traveling domestically within the United States as well as entering the United States from […]

  • Travel gear

    Travel gear

    Supplies to keep your dog or puppy safe and comfortable on the road