Dog Choking

  • First aid for choking dogs

    First aid for choking dogs

    A choking dog is an emergency and you should be prepared to take him to the closest veterinarian as soon as possible. It’s fairly easy to recognize the signs of choking in your dog; he may be thrashing around, pawing at his face, his tongue may turn blue or he may even be unconscious. There […]

  • CPR for dogs

    CPR for dogs

    Saving a dog who's stopped breathing

  • Choking dog

    Choking dog

    Question: What should I do if my dog is choking? Answer: Fortunately, it’s rather uncommon for a dog to choke. There are, however, many instances when a dog may seem to be choking. For instance, often when a dog coughs, it sounds as if he is trying to get something out of his throat. (While […]

  • Dog Choking

    Dog Choking

    First aid for choking dogs

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