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Today I was not sent a sample I was sent a press release announcing the newest product specifically designed for in cabin pet travel on aircraft. Again, I wish I had a sample so I can give you my opinion, but I did want to bring it to your attention. Below please find product information from their press release:

Sleepypod’s Newest Evolution in Pet Carriers Redefines In-cabin Pet Travel
Los Angeles, Calif.—September 20, 2009—Sleepypod, maker of the eponymous, multiple award-winning mobile pet bed, announces it will
introduce Sleepypod Air, its newest evolution in pet carriers, at the H.H. Backer 43rd Annual Christmas Trade Show & Educational
Conference in Chicago, Ill. on October 2-4.
“This is not just the newest evolution in Sleepypod’s line of pet carriers,” says Michael Leung, one of Sleepypod’s three co-owners and
product designers. Sleepypod Air is a revolutionary carrier that redefines in-cabin pet travel. Airline regulations regarding pets in the airline
cabin are not created equal. Each airline has its own rules, to include its own restrictions on the maximum pet carrier size.
“Sleepypod Air solves this size restriction dilemma. It has the ability to contract in size to fit in the space below a range of airline seats during
the restricted times of takeoff and landing,” explains Leung. “Once the captain announces you are free to recline your seat, simply slide
Sleepypod Air from under the seat and expand the carrier so your pet is allowed the largest space possible space while the plane is in the air.”
Sleepypod Air’s folding base allows it to be compressed from a length of 22 inches to 19 inches in length when one side is folded or 16 inches
in length when both sides are folded. Instructional diagrams on how to compress and expand Sleepypod Air can be found at:
/>Safe Car Seat Function
Seatbelt straps on both sides allow you to secure Sleepypod Air in a car seat. Instructional diagrams on how to use Sleepypod Air as a safe car
seat for a pet can be found at:
• Meets most major airline carry-on pet regulations
• Compresses in length from 22 inches in length to 19 inches or 16 inches in length
• Seatbelt straps on both sides allow you to secure Sleepypod Air in a car seat
• Top and ends open for easy access
• Trolley pocket to secure Sleepypod Air onto other luggage
• Large zipper pockets on both sides for essential travel items
• Removable and washable ultra plus bedding
• Easy-clean exterior
• Available colors: Jet Black, Dark Chocolate, Orange Dream, Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red
• Maximum cat weight: up to 15 pounds (up to 7 kilograms)
• Maximum dog weight: up to 12.5 pounds (up to 6 kilograms)
• Carrier dimensions: [16 to 22] x 10.5 x 10.5 inches ([41-56] x 27 x 27 centimeters)
• Interior dimensions: [15 to 21] x 9.5 x 9.5 inches ([38-53] x 24 x 24 centimeters)
The suggested retail price for Sleepypod Air is $149.99. Sleepypod’s online store, along with a list of stores carrying Sleepypod products can be
found at>

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