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From the DogTime Blog Network: Playful Puppy Love Lessons

So, it turns out we're more like our dogs than we ever realized - at least when it comes to love and relationships.According to a study released this month, young male dogs will frequently let females win during play, even when the males have a physical advantage or when they put themselves in vulnerable positions and open to attack from other dogs. More...

Road To Rescue Story: Heart And Soul Sanctuary

DogTime senior editor Leslie Smith travels to Glorieta, New Mexico, and finds paradise for the area's abused and neglected animals. Unlike many private shelters, which are set up as temporary housing stations for animals who will eventually be adopted out, Heart and Soul Sanctuary was established on 130 acres of woodsy, romp-able green - and was designed to feel like home. Because so many of her charges are pulled from terribly abusive situations, founder Natalie Owings her is to provide a place where they always feel safe and at home. Read on...

Fun List: Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds

Ever wonder what the smallest dog breeds are? See the list...AffenpinscherBichon FriseChihuahuaMore...

Expert Question: Why Are Rescue Groups So Picky?

DogTime's renowned panel of experts offers advice on everything from training to nutrition to how to select the right dog for you. So go ahead... Dig around. Learn a new trick. Or just chew on some fresh ideas.QUESTION: Why does it seem harder to get a dog from a shelter or rescue group than from a breeder?answered by Jamie WolfANSWER: It's true, adopting from a shelter or rescue group can seem more rigorous than filling out a college application. Breeders are less picky. Learn more...
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