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DogTime and CatTime Donations

DogTime Media Technology Grant Program

OrganizationAmountPhoto / Video
All About Rescue and Fixin', TN$155
Athens Area Humane Society, GA$155
AZ Cocker Rescue, AZ$155
Bark Ark Bully Rescue, OH$155
Boston Terrier Rescue Group, TX$155
Companion Canines, NC$155
Cass's Canine Rescue, AR$155
Dixie County Humane Society, FL$155
Dogs Deserve Better, NE Chapter$155
For the Love of Pets, IL$155
Ginny's Pet Rescue, TN$155
Hancock County Animal Shelter, KY$155
Kindred Spirit Animal Rescue, MO$155
Lyons Den, PA$155
Maryland Animal Advocates, MD$155
Miss Dezzie's Foster Home, LA$155
Rainbow Animal Rescue, VA$155
Ruff Life Rescue, OH$155
SASPCA - San Antonio Great Dane Rescue, TX$155
Tender Loving Care, IL$155
Our Lil' Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, IN$155
Adams Co Pet Rescue, WA$155
All Breed Dog Rescue, CA>$155
K9 Rescue & Rehab, IL$155
Central Florida Animal Rescue, Inc., FL$155
Recycled Companions, OK$155
Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue, AZ$155
Animal Shelter of Clarendon County, SC$155
Community Action to Save Strays, OH$155

DogTime Media Annual Grant Program

OrganizationAmountPhoto / Video
Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter, IL$500
Green Mountain Pug Rescue, VT$500
SouthBARK Rescue, AL$500

Save a Dog and Save a Cat Shelters

OrganizationAmountPhoto / Video
13thstcats.org, CA$175
2nd Chance Dog Rescue, AZ$175
4 Luv of Dog Rescue, ND$175
A Rotta Love Plus, MN$175
A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue, FL$175
Affinity Rescue, WI$175
Aide4Animals, FL$175
All About Rescue and Fixin', TN$175
All About Spay Neuter, NY$175
allcatsrescue, SD$175
Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, IN$175
Animal Compassion Team of California, CA$175
Animal House Rescue, PA$175
Animal Outreach of Shelby County, IN$175
Animal Rescue Carolina, SC$175
Animal Rescue Konsortium, FL$175
Aristocats, FL$175
Benevolent Animal Rescue Committee, Inc., CA$175
Borrego Animal Rescue, CA$175
Caring Friends Cat Rescue, CA$175
Carolina Poodle Rescue, SC$175
Cat Crusaders, FL$175
Cat Tales Rescue, NY$175
Central Arizona Animal Rescue, AZ$175
Central Florida Animal Rescue, FL$175
Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, CO$175
Chocolate Chip Dalmatian Assistance League, MD$175
Clay County Animal Shelter, IL$175
Collie Concern Rescue, TN$175
Come Bye Border Collie Rescue, IL$175
Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue, AZ$175
Dachshund Lovers of Texas, TX$175
Dixie Adoptables, MS$175
Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, WI$175
Dog Pack Rescue, GA$175
Eskie Rescuers United, SC$175
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance, TX$175
Feral Friends of Millsboro, DE$175
Florida Alaskan Malamute Help and Rescue, FL$175
Foremans Animal Rescue Sanctuary, TX$175
Four Legs Good, NY$175
Franklin County Humane Society, VA$175
Friends for Life Animal Rescue, WA$175
Eskie Rescuers United, SC$175
Furever Dachshund Rescue, RI$175
Furrever Grateful Feline Rescue, CA$175
Genesis Animal Rescue, IL$175
German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption, NC$175
Golden Gate Basset Rescue, CA$175
Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, FL$175
Good Karma Rescue, VT$175
Great Plains Pointer Rescue, NE$175
Halfway 2 Furever, MA$175
Happy Tails Fur-Ever Rescue/Sanctuary, WY$175
Help a Hound, MA$175
Helping Orphaned Hounds, AZ$175
Home for Good Rescue, NJ$175
Homeward Bound Greyhound Association, KY$175
Humane Animal Rescue Team, TX$175
Humane Society of West Alabama, AL$175
In the Arms of Angels, AZ$175
Indy Homes for Huskies, IN$175
Itty Bitty Orphan Kitty Rescue, CA$175
Katies Roadside Rescue, TX$175
Kindness for Cats, FL$175
Kingdom Animal Shelter, VT$175
Labrador and Friends, CA$175
Last Chance Animal Rescue, NY$175
Last Chance Pet Rescue, TN$175
Little Orphan's Animal Rescue, WI$175
Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, NY$175
Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, AZ$175
Maumelle Friends of the Animals, AR$175
Metrowest Animal Awareness Society, MA$175
Michigan Coonhound Rescue, MI$175
Michigan Pug Rescue, MI$175
Midwest Doberman Rescue, MO$175
Morrow's Safe Haven, MI$175
Mountain Communities SPCA, CA$175
Mt. Olive Trap-Neuter-Return Project, NJ$175
National Great Pyrenees Rescue, NY$175
Northeast Animal Rescue, PA$175
Northwest Airedale Terrier Rescue, WA$175
Northcoast Doberman Rescue, OH$175
Northern Plains Boxer Rescue, SD$175
Ohio Puppy Rescue, OH$175
Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue, Inc, VA$175
Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue, AR$175
Ozark Mutts and Stuff, AR$175
Palomino Valley Pet Rescue, NV$175
Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, GA$175
Papillon Care and Rescue Trust, FL$175
Partners for Animal Welfare Society, IN$175
Paws to Love K-9 Rescue, SD$175
Paws 4 You Rescue, FL$175
Pet Adoption Services, LA$175
Pets Forever Found, CA$175
Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue, OH$175
RabbitMatch.org, CA$175
RescueCats, GA$175
ResQ Animal Coalition, CA$175
Ring Dog Rescue, VA$175
Rockbridge Dog Rescue, VA$175
Rose's Rescue, OH$175
Ruff Start Rescue, MN$175
Senior Houndsabound, FL$175
SheltieShack Rescue of Kansas, KS$175
Siberian Husky Assist, VA$175
South Florida Siberian Husky Rescue, FL$175
South Paw Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, TN$175
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, GA$175
Spay the Strays, FL$175
Tender Loving Canine Rescue, OH$175
Tending Abandonded Needy Kats Sanctuary, FL$175
Texarkana Animal League, TX$175
TreeTops Animal Rescue, PA$175
Triple Acres Horse Rescue, CO$175
United Humanitarians/Jr Humane Society, FL$175
Venice Cat Coalition, FL$175
VFV Pet Rescue, FL$175
Western Missouri Basset Rescue, Inc., MO$175
Whimsical Equine Rescue, DE$175
Whiskers Project, GA$175
Wishful Thinking Endeavors, OH$175
WolfSpirit's Toy Breed PuppyMill Rescue, OH$175
Yorkie911 Rescue, NY$175
The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A), MO$175
Harmony Haven for Animals, Inc., CA$175
PAWFirst, OK$175
Oklahoma Orphaned Poodle Services, OK$175
Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue$175
Humane Society of Northeast Iowa, IA$175
Soft Hearts for Sad Eyes Animal Rescue, MO$175
Chester County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division, SC$175
Labrador Education And Rescue Network, IL$175
Rescue Ur Forever Friend, NC$175
Homestretch Hounds, OH$175
Alleghany Highland All Breed Rescue, Inc., VA$175
Chester County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division, SC$175
Safe Journey Animal Rescue, IA$175
4 Paws 4 Life Rescue, CO$175
HOPE for Animals, LA$175
Pit Bull Happenings, FL$175
Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of Arizona, AZ$175

DogTime's Sweepstakes & Contests Donations

OrganizationAmountPhoto / Video
Oregon Basset Hound Rescue, OR$500
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, CA$500
G.R.A.S.P, NY$500
Ruff Road Rescue, New England$500Ruff Road Rescue, New England donation photoview
Ohio Pug Rescue, Inc, OH$500
PugSavers, CA$500
Pug Rescue of Florida, FL$500Pug Rescue of Florida, FL donation photoview
Cowley County Humane Society, KS $500
Las Vagas Doberman and Daschund Rescue, NV$500
Umbrella of Hope Animal Rescue, CA$100
Dutch Country Animal Rescue, NJ$100Dutch Country Animal Rescue, NJ donation photoview
Luigi's Rescue, CA$100
Umbrella of Hope Animal Rescue, CA$100
Dutch Country Animal Rescue, NJ$100