Neo-Paws Seat-Belt

Neo-Paws Seat-Belt

Our take: A seat belt can restrain your dog, prevent him from hopping into the front seat with you, and keep him inside the car instead of becoming a doggie projectile during an accident. This is sort of a padded harness with foam casing that covers the dog’s chest. That padding can protect him from the seat belt itself if he’s thrown forward. Just slide the car’s seat belt under the straps. You can also slide it through the handle of the included short leash if you want your dog to have more movement. I feel certain this is better during an accident than any seat belt that just attaches to the dog’s neck collar.

The dogs weigh in: Fred, my 19-pound mutt, whined the entire time he was strapped in, but that’s because he wasn’t used to it and frankly did not want to get used to it. It takes some adjustment.

Cost: middle

–Phyllis DeGioia

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