Car Window Sun Shade for Pets

Car Window Sun Shade for Pets

Our take: A suction cup holds these black sheer window shades in place on your car windows. They can keep the car interior cooler and dull the impact of the too-bright sun. They can also help prevent eye damage from sunlight.

Moving them from window to window is simple. Of course, because they are held in place with a suction cup, you can easily knock them off using a power window. (My brother-in-law’s English Setter whapped the power button and the shade just fell onto the floor unharmed, even though Roxy got the window all the way down.) I don’t think these make a heck of a lot of difference driving to the dog park, but I think they’d be handy on a long drive.

The dogs weigh in: The shades limit access to viewing–and nearly prohibits panting out the window–which makes them sort of a bummer. My Ginger kept knocking one off when she was having a bark fest about a dog walking by. I kept sticking them back up after the car was stopped.

Cost: low

–Phyllis DeGioia

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