Whine and cheese party favors

Doubtless, this will be a night to remember for both human and canine guests. Send them off in style with a party favor that will always remind them of the great time they had at your glamorous gathering.

Party favors for the dogs

Champagne and caviar
These treats let the canine guests enjoy la dolce vita long after the party’s over.

Pet placemat
For the hound who notices, a stylish mat to keep the food and water area clean.

Party favors for the humans

Dog-inspired wine charms
With any luck, your guests will be encouraged to host their own whine and cheese party–and include you and your pup.

Playing cards
Chances are, your guests already own many of life’s finer things. But they probably don’t have these.

Whine and cheese party
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Whine and cheese party favors
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